Sunday, November 30, 2008

Post Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was almost like a goofy movie! Fire in the oven, pies flying across the room...I mean...Really! It was hilarious. Sometimes you gotta laugh - you would cry your eyes out if you didn't.

My tree is up! The rest of my decorations are out (the little that there are - almost all center around Rudolph - I am obsessed)!

I went to my GestDiabetes class last week. It really wasn't anything new for me except going over how many carbs I was allowed throughout the day and when/how to check my sugars. I did that class with the nutritionist last year for PCOS/Insulin Resistance, and it is only a slight modification (a simpler process than the one my RE gave me).

My sugar levels seem all over the place. If I had already gone to the endocrinologist I would have had to send them my numbers (I was told if I was over a certain number for two days in a row I was to contact the doctor). I do have at least one level to blame on Thanksgiving stuffing. Another to blame on disgusting fast food when we were running from work to our expectant parent class. (It was the grossest meal I have had in a long time!) I really hope they don't make me take insulin. They should be calling to schedule my appointment tomorrow.

Tomorrow I go for my 34 week appt (although I am almost 35 weeks - the holiday got me all off schedule). I was thinking about checking with my doctor about the back pain. Tylenol is not going to help this type of pain. Some days I can barely walk. I am not sure what to do. How do I work out to get my sugar levels down if I can't transfer my weight to one of my legs without writhing in agony?

I have been riding an emotional roller coaster, and DH is riding right beside me. I feel bad for him. Saturday I simply passed the time. I had no urge to do anything at all - just felt so blah. I watched cheesy christmas movie after cheesy christmas movie. I should have been cleaning my house in preparation for my shower next Saturday. I do better at that stuff at the last minute, when there is no option to go sit down for a break.

Alien squirmer is extremely active at various times throughout the day. She is just as cute as possible, and I really wish she were sitting on my lap rather than inside it.