Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Name Ideas

I am in the brainstorming period of creating a new blog. I never liked the name of this blog too much - felt like it didn't reflect all of me - and isn't as quirky as intended.

Anyways, with the kidlet on the verge of emerging, I think it will soon be time to move on to a different blog. The new one is not about the family - because it is mostly about me - of course it will be about my journey into motherhood with little Z, but it will also be about love (wonderful DH - indirectly), providence, work, and just about everything encompasses me. (Egotistical - right??) I guess what I mean is it isn't like it will be 'The Kyle Family' blog (although it will include fun facts about the kyle family).

If/when we decided to have another child and we have issues (highly likely) - this blog will still live on...

So for now I am building lists of possible names. I want to carefully select this one, rather than 'getting it over with' because I am afraid I will chicken out like I did before. I will not make the switch until little Z sleeps, eats and poops safely at home.
I am also thinking about switching to wordpress. Any suggestions regarding pros/cons of blogger to wordpress?