Thursday, November 6, 2008

First Class

We had our first expectant parents class last night.
It was good to go over all of the stages of delivery. Even talking about pregnancy stuff was good because the doctor's visits seem so brief. My doctor is VERY soft spoken and gentle (which I hope comes in handy some day), but it leaves room for information that I substitiute Dr Google for and never feel secure.

The movie wasn't that bad. We have three more weeks of that class and then a class on breastfeeding and a class on Newborn care. I hope we make it to the last of those classes. At that point I will be 36 weeks...and it will be the week after my Family Baby shower. If she comes before that I will 1. have to go to a different hospital (I learned that at the class) 2. NOT be ready.

Next week we tour the facility and learn ways to manage pain. (I am really trying to just not think about the pain. I figure it will be bad, it will not last more than a day or so, and then we will have a gift.)

We are 31 weeks. I have decided to forget about which day of the week we 'turn' that week, because it was originally a Tuesday, but then changed to a Friday, so around Tuesday I say we are in the next week.

It all seems a little trivial at this point....she could come at 37 weeks she could come at 38 weeks, and whenever she comes she is here...I just hope it is after 36 weeks...(I feel like I should be singing 'She'll be coming around the mountain')

On election night it was more interesting to watch my belly than the TV at first...she was squirming so much I felt like I was in an alien movie.

DH is adorable...he keeps saying 'I just wish she was here right now....'