Monday, May 26, 2008

Campfires and Beans

My u/s on Friday was great. Heartbeat measured around 150 bpm. My RE seems to think everything looks pretty good. The coolest thing was that in the picture this time you can actually see a little bean. It is so cute. It makes it that much more real, you know?
This weekend we went camping at a State Park near the town where I grew up. Actually, our house burned down when I was five and we lived in the Inn at the park for a few months waiting for a rental while our new house was being built. I have never camped there before, and to be honest I haven't even gone through all of the trails.
I spent my childhood and adolescent years going to the playground, the pools and the falls there, but I rarely went on the deep trails.
We went on a walk that took us probably 3.5 to 4 miles down canyons and up the creek (which was higher than usual with all of the rain in these parts lately).
Our dogs loved it. Well, at least our Golden Retriever, Starbuck, did. He gets in water any chance he can. Gus, the miniature Aussie, was trepidatious at first, but eventually got over the fear of the water.
We had a nice night at the camp and headed to my brother's house for a race day party. We are in Indiana, so Memorial Day is almost better known for being 'Race Day' weekend rather than Memorial Day weekend. And, every year since several years before I was born my family has had a big party on the property where I grew up. My brother owns the house that was built after the fire (a log cabin in the middle of the forest) and the patio that is down there was built by my grandfather, father and uncles on the weekends they used the property for camping. That was before they decided to all move down and live there for good.
My hubbie won 40 bucks in the pool for the race. Go Scott Dixon!
I grew up in this rural setting. I miss the quiet. I miss the solitude. And I miss the inability to see neighbors until you go out of your house and walk down the road. When I was growing up I always wished I had friends next door, but now I would move to that environment in a heartbeat. (If only we could find it within driving distance of our work - oh and with high speed internet access).

Anyways, by Sunday night I was toast. I slept in the tent with the dogs while everyone else sat around the fire.
This morning I got up earlier than everyone and drove down to that same Inn that I lived in when I was five. I had the buffet breakfast and watched the birds through the window. It was lovely.

It was a good weekend.

I have my last appt with my RE on Thursday. I will be meeting with the Nurse of my OB on Friday. I hope things continue to go well.