Monday, May 12, 2008

Double your pleasure...

I think that was the number for this number. I know it was greater than 2700. Seems good to me.
The phone call to my RE was wierd.
Last friday when I went for a visit everything was moved around in the waiting area, and there was even this cute little coffee table in the u/s room.
I guess they closed an office on the southside of town and moved all the people and some of the furniture to the one I visit.
There were new people there, although I didn't have to really work with them then.
Today, though, when I called to find out my numbers, I got some different nurse on the phone. I have never talked to her before. She was nice, but obviously didn't know my case. She said she read that my doctor had recommended the shot last week. I was sort of put off guard by that one, but explained to her that she did on Tuesday, but that was cancelled after my u/s on friday. That they had found a gestatioal sac and they are monitoring my betas and I have an u/s for tomorrow morning. She said -'Oh! Ok, well your number rose well! 2718 (or something like that - I cannot remember it because I was flustered from her original statements - I know it was more than 2X1313)'

She then proceeded to tell me that I should just plan on coming in for my u/s tomorrow.

Gee, thanks for the recommendation, Ms. Nurse-who-has-no-clue-what-I-have-gone-through!

You know, she really wasn't that bad. I am just kind of spoiled. The entire time I have gone to my RE I have dealt with two wonderful nurses. Lets say, Wonderful Nurse #1 (WN1) and Wonderful Nurse #2 (WN2). I think they rotate between the north and west offices. I also think I was one of the first u/s that WN2 ever did - last July when they were checking for my big bulky Poly Cystic Ovaries.

For the past two u/s WN1 has been there. During the first great sac search last Tuesday she was so sweet. She looked and looked and then DR came in and they both looked. She told me that she had never seen a sac in a beta less than 1000. Then DR told me that she had seen sacs at beta less than 50 (I really doubted this - but she was so focused on making sure I didn't loose a tube).

WN1 did my second u/s last friday. She seemed really worried that I didn't trust her judgement because of what the DR said about the sacs. I told her that everything that I read said exactly what she said - and that I was completely comfortable with her. So comfortable that we began discussing recipes during the U/S!!! lol

So, needless to say, I do not want some random nurses jumping in on my bidness. I like my WN1 and WN2. They suit me just fine. They remember what has been going on, and they don't mistakenly tell me that my Dr wants me to take baby zapping medication when not necessary.