Thursday, May 15, 2008

5118?? 37

I think the nurse said 5118 for the beta. She called when I was not at my desk so I couldn't write it down. Not doubling but a good rising.
37 was the progesterone. Not bad.

A few weeks ago when the beta went down my RE told me to stop my Progesterone Suppositories. I did. I have not taken them for two weeks. I was sort of worried once I thought about that. I think low progesterone is a part of most miscarriages - well and I guess the reason PCOS people have a lot of miscarriages.

I feel a bit better knowing it is still in a normal range. I contemplated calling my doctor twice this week asking if I should start taking the suppositories (I am really not all that jazzed about that - I have to go to the bathroom enough during the evening- let alone like i did when i had the suppository.

Anyway - not much else in news.
I am just trying to focus on getting through the next hurdles. I know viability is still a concern for months and months to come....

Ultrasound tomorrow.