Thursday, June 12, 2008

It will change in two minutes.

This u/s was taken last Friday. It was the first time DH had gone with me, and we had a really great time. You could see little arm and leg buds and the little subset was moving around a lot. It was hard to get a good steady picture, but everything looked great. The top picture shows the side view of the subset. The bottom one shows a top or bottom view (not sure), with a good strong heartbeat.

Little subset is 10 weeks this week. It is officially a fetus.

Sadly, this is the last u/s I will have for quite a while. It feels sort of wierd to not go see my RE for a long time (years or maybe never). I will miss WN1. I didn't get to see her for the last two times. I will have to stop by early next year, if all goes well.
I am really just trying to relax and stop worrying that everything will come crumbing down. I have no m/c symptoms. All of the u/s have shown a healthy heartbeat and accurate growth rates. Right now I am focusing on the first of July, when I will be approaching 14 weeks. One trimester at a time.

On a personal front, I think my progesterone levels have started to soar this week. THe only indication I have of this is that my emotions have been in upheaval the entire week. At first I could sense the bitchiness but not act on it. Now I am jumping at any opportunity before I can stop myself. And the next minute I will be in tears of frustration or sadness or worry. Nothing is wrong, work stuff is just work and not really something I care so much to cry about. My husband may just be making a joke and I take it all the wrong way.

This morning I was trying to get the scanner to work on the new vista machine and it wouldn't work. I got up at 5am and dh woke up around 545. He suggested we go to the gym and albeit did get kind of cranky trying to get me to get dressed. And this caused me to eventually just break down. Frack Vista! Wasting my time! Frack DH! Being mean to me when he gets up! AAAHHH! We worked it all out, but did not get to the gym.

He is realizing that although I am carrying this subset - it will affect him. I am really going to try to keep my emotions leveled, with the understanding that I need a little leeway because it isn't always possible.

This Saturday we are going on vacation. We are taking a road trip to Florida to visit DHs parents and great aunt and my sister and aunts. Last year when we made our annual trek I had to do a huge software deployment. That is what I do for money - I manage a software product. We got our most recent deployment out this past weekend, so I shouldn't have to worry about working at all. The deployment is why I have been so bad at posting frequency over the past few weeks.

PS - I ended up having to bring my laptop up to the office to get the scan to work....ugh. Dear HP - I most certainly do have HP Products installed on that machine - so why won't your Solution Center open????