Friday, May 16, 2008

We got the beat!

Today was great.
I had my u/s with wonderful nurse 1. The RE was not at the office today. At first she didn't see a heartbeat, but she saw definite growth patterns and a fetal pole. The fetal pole measured six weeks 1 day, and the sac size was fine.

She was showing me what she was looking at, how there was development and areas she could see progressing, when all of the sudden she found the heartbeat. It was about 90 bpm, which she said was fine for the size of the fetus.
When I was paying my co-pay she gave me another picture (I now have three on my refridgerator, it is nice to put them up there with all my nieces and nephews).

She made it a point to show me the difference between last week and this week. I know it is just a little dime sized blob, but ten days ago it wasn't even visable, and seven days ago it was like the size of a pea. So it was pretty impressive.

After my appt she asked me who I was going to use as an OB.
I was kind of taken back by the question, but I did give an answer. She (wonderful nurse) seemed pretty excited. I told her I was still was not ready to be overly excited. She said she would be excited for me.
As I was walking out, her excitement kind of got to me. I mean, if she is less cautious, maybe I can be too.

Wow! I am really pregnant. And the chance of miscarriage have been greatly reduced by finding that little rhythm section.
I know we aren't totally in the clear, but I do feel like letting out a big sigh of relief.

I haven't seen my RE this week at all. The last time I saw her was last friday during the great gestational sac seek and find. I wonder how she feels about the suggestions she made about giving me the methoxetrate. I hope she doesn't take it personally, because I know her heart was in the right place. I also know that the woman is very wise and she has helped me so much since I started seeing her. I wouldn't be pregnant if it weren't for her. I love her holistic approach, and the way she goes through stages of treatment to make sure we do it in the simplest means necessary.

I will see her next Friday, and I think I have another ultrasound. I am not sure how much longer they will monitor me or when I will have to go to my OB.
Thanks everyone, for your well wishes and prayers.