Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Down and Out in Beth's Ut

Well Beta #3 is at 51. So the number is dropping.
It is ok.
I have to go in for another beta on friday. I expect it to drop again. I am supposed to stop my progesterone and I suppose just wait AF to start. We will see.
I really am ok with this. I am glad that it is most likely not ectopic.

I just want to find out why I can get pregnant, but can't stay pregnant. I hope my RE will have some suggestions for other tactics.

I am afraid these experiences might make me forever question any pregnancy tests. Even two lines will never really mean that I will have a baby, it just means that I might, by chance, have a baby some day.

I did take today off. I have a cold, so I just called in sick.

After Friday, things seem to have gone down hill a little for my family. My SIL went in for her first U/S and they couldn't find the sac. She had a D & C today. Another person close to me lost their job.

At this point, I am just glad that both my hubby and I are gainfully employed and enjoy each other's company.