Monday, April 28, 2008

Starving, tired and waiting

I went in for my second beta this morning.
I should know something by three. If I do not, I will call nice nurse #2 at the RE and have her call the location where I had the blood drawn.

I am exahausted, unable to concentrate at work, and extremely hungry.

The weekend went by without incident. I had cramps and such throughout and no spotting.

I am still really worried. I am trying not to out too much emphasis on this, so that if it turns out to be another chemical pregnancy I can move on quickly to the next steps. I have a meeting from 1pm - 3pm, so if I can just make it to then I should be fine.
Right now I am snacking on some cheese, carrs crackers and turkey. I am considering opening up my turkey wrap and digging in. It isn't noon yet, but what the hey!

I have been doing HPTs all weekend and the line is still there. It doesn't seem to be any darker, but not really that much fainter either. I know this is a qualitative test and the darkness doesn't really matter, but it still worries me.
Could it be that I am just so early in my cycle that the tests are not going to get darker for a few weeks?
I hope so, or something like that at least.