Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beta Eve

Last weekend we had a wonderful time. The cubbies won in a landslide, had pizza at Gioradonos, got our desks at IKEA, and I got to meet my husband's friend and his wife.

I think the last part was the best, I really enjoyed meeting them. They were interesting and probably the first couple that we have spent time with that is somewhat similar to our lifestyle. They have officially filled out their paperwork for adoption in South Korea. I wish them the best. I know they will be amazing parents.

I was so bushed by the end of the day I ended up curling up on Nadie's (that is my nickname for my husband) shoulder and falling asleep as we watched the end of one of the Harry Potter movies on TV.

This week and last my moods have been a roller coaster ride. I angry about the littlest of things. I have to keep reminding myself that it is probably just the progesterone, but it is so hard. It has been hard to sit through meetings at work without exploding. Most of it has been anger, and a few times I have been on the verge of crying.

I just don't know what I will be like when I am actually pregnant. I hope I don't drive everyone crazy - and I definitely don't want people to think that i would ever intentionally be rude or obnoxious and use pregnancy as an excuse. I guess I will just take one day at a time and worry about that (or not worry!) later.

Tomorrow I have my first beta scheduled. Earlier this week I felt like it was all a bust, because I really wasn't feeling anything in the girl parts area. Only yesterday did I start feeling cramping in the afternoon. Then it stopped again until this afternoon.

I have noticed no implantation bleeding. I am not bleeding at all - which is good - but my cycles are usually so long that I would never expect to start until late next week. I am not sure how all these hormones would affect my cycle length. If I was normal (28 days) then I would still have 4 days to wait.

I decided to take a HPT, just to see if it would show anything. I have taken three since yesterday morning. Each of them have a very faint positive line.
I do have a dilemma though. Today is 14 days post trigger. Who knows if the HCG is still in my system? Everything I read says that due to it's half-life, with my dosage, it could remain in my system 10-14 days. I did POS a few times last week just to see if it still showed up in my system. The first time it was very faint, the second time a few days later I am fairly sure it was negative. If that is right, then this would be a new source of HCG?
I am not going to worry too much over it. I will see what the beta says tomorrow.

Does anyone know if the faintness/darkness of lines on a HPT correspond directly to the amount of HCG in your system? I have both ways. Also, is 14 days post trigger so early that the HCG amount is going to be small even if I am pregnant?

And with all of this, I had a wisdom tooth pulled this morning, and man this gauze is making me nauseous.
I hope everyone is doing great. I have been reading all my buddies posts, and sending positive thoughts out to everyone. I just don't comment that much anymore, because I am try not to get too obsessed.

Well, I better get off to my last class on PCOS.