Monday, April 14, 2008

Its all about the O.

I am sure I ovulated yesterday. I was crampy and felt bloated and pressure in the Nether regions all day long. Oh and it was 72 hours after the trigger shot too. So duh, of course I ovulated.
It makes me wonder if I have actually been ovulating these past few months, because it was a different type of feeling than I have been experiencing.
Every month since at least November I have felt aches throughout the 2ww every month. They always make me hopeful becuase I have never felt so much consistent action going on in my girl parts.
I am sure it is because my body is functioning better since lifestyle changes and medical assistance. Still, it can be confusing, because I am always wondering - is this it?

I am starting my 2ww today. Tonight I begin progesterone suppositories.

Last night DH was asking (after our marathon BD weekend) 'So what is next? Do we have to BD every other day for the next week?' I think he was a little nervous about keeping up this rate....
I assuaged his fears.

BD every other day from CD10 - CD20 can get old really quickly.

That is why we both are very excited about this cycle. It is the first time we are not in the dark. We have a specific set of dates and know when the right day is this month. In the past my cycle has ranged from 28 to 32 days. It means we never knew which would be the best day to ovulate. OPKs can work, of course, but I am not good at being consistent at peeing on a stick to watch it become darker. (plus it only reminds me of BFNs)

Anyways - here we go! Next weekend DH and I are traveling to Chicago to go to a Cubs game, that should give us something to keep our minds off of it. Oh and I get to go to IKEA. :) :)