Monday, August 13, 2007

Insurance Hell - Already???

I think I mentioned in a previous post that we have new insurance. I was really excited about it because we opted for the one with the slightly larger deductable that covers infertility up to 90percent. I am not sure what that means, but if I know insurance companies - they will do anything they can to get out of paying for something.

So anyways - switching insurance companies is nothing new to me. This is our 4th insurance in the last two years. And I know all about how they will hold off on paying something just because they say you have to give them this paperwork that shows you had insurance before, even though you sent said paperwork three months ago. So in order to prevent any delays in paying for my treatment and getting things in gear I decided to make a pre-emptive strike - old Georgie ain't the only one that can take down tyrants.

Being the kick ass professional woman that I am, I typed up a nice, informative fax. I included our current member number, and listed out each of our insurance companies - with member ids, group ids, company information and contact information. I also included a certificate of coverage for the majority of the companies. I called my new insurance company and talked to some guy (in Manila) who gave me a fax number to send my beautifully informative six page with cover letter fax to.

I sent the fax on July 27th - prior to my insurance company even getting any bills for us. I hadn't heard anything and I had been checking the website to see if anything posted there - claims and such. Finally last week I decided to call and make sure all was well. Of course on they said they had not received the fax. They told me to fax it again.

I asked how he would know that it was received if I sent it again - since no one got it in the first place. He said I could call back that night. At that point you know he is just trying to get me off the phone. I said to him - 'but I am sure you aren't in the same building as that fax machine - I am sure you won't be able to know that one fax was received out of all of the faxes your big corporation gets every day.' He said - 'Oh Yes! Just call back tonight.' I think I hung up on the poor guy, but it was just so silly that he thought I would believe that.

So I send the fax again. That evening, after once again being made to feel like I could not speak properly by the automated answering system that could not understand when I said the word 'member' (think of me screaming 'MMEEEEMMMBBBER' into the phone on the eighth try - I swear they are going to have to pay for blood pressure medicine pretty soon if they don't shape up)I finally talk to a person. She tells me that they will take up to three days to process any faxes. Of course they do. Who would have thought they could have a quicker turn around time than 72 hours. I mean even that is sort of pushing it for an insurance company - they move about as fast as the government.

So I call back today, I spoke to a very nice woman. She said they didn't get my fax. She also said that since I had already sent it twice - that I needed to speak to a supervisor - woohoo! someone actually cared! So I talked to this man who I could tell was actually in the US and he was great.

I wanted to say amazing - but then I thought - 'Can you really say that an insurance company's employee is amazing?' Let's leave amazing to Providence and such.

Anyways, he told me that they gave me the wrong fax. Evidently now I AM delayed because they are waiting on pre-existing insurance information.

You can't win - I tell ya - not when it comes to ninja insurance companies that can stealthfully escape any attempt at paying for medical care.
And I haven't even gone for my post work up yet. Wait until they actually get something that the diagnosis is Inferility - since now it is all under the PCOS umbrella - they will be even worse then - I am sure!