Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hi there, nice to meet you, now listen to my life story...

I have been reading infertility blogs for some time now. I decided I am going to give it a shot. Writing is not my talent, but I feel so drawn to share my experiences too.

My PCOS journey....
Diagnosed in high school - but didn't really do anything about it.
Married 2 years ago - trying to concieve since marriage - no dice.
Started Metformin within last year.
Was going to GP - whom I really like. Changed insurance companies. Went to seminar at fertility clinic - decided to be more agressive in our reproductive therapy.

I started seeing a new RE in July. I have completed the full workup and am scheduled to go back for the post workup visit September 5th.

IF has been very tough on my husband and I - no surprise there. We have seen three family pregnancies and what seems like dozens of friends become parents since we started TTC. Luckily our relationship is very strong. We have enjoyed this kidless time immensly and our bond has only become stronger.

My REs workup:
1. Ultrasound - showed 'string of pearls' cysts
2. Three hour GTT and a bunch of other bloodwork - later asked to re-test DHEA-S and 17 OH-Progesterone levels due to being high on first check.
3. Cycle Day Three bloodwork - not sure what it was checking.
4. HSG - This SUCKED. My RE couldn't keep the speculum in - and she had to insert the Catheter 4 times. My stomach muscles clenched so hard they hurt for two days. Good thing though - I got the all clear sign on they tubes - so if there is ever actually an egg produced - there is a clear path for it to follow to my lovely uterus.
5. Semen analysis - I told husband that his test was WAY better than mine.

When go back in early September I am hoping that the next steps will be to take some ovulation stimulators (NOT CLOMID). I guess I have a higher percentage for pregnancy for the next three months because of the HSG flush.

So we finally got our first bills. I never understand how a blood test can cost so much money. I am curious what the insurance company is going to say. I know I have a deductable - but then they should pay the covered cost after that. We figured we might as well get started because the cost is going to be there -regardless.

Also, I have totally re-vamped my lifestyle recently. I try to keep to a low carb diet (but I occasionally take a 'carb day'). I also began working out on a regular basis including cardio and weight training. I feel great - and I am very hopeful that all of this will benefit my life and my fertility status. I quit smoking in March. I have lost 21 pounds so far. I feel better than I have for the past 5 years.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will be plus baby within the next year - but not getting too set on it. I know it is a journey....