Sunday, December 28, 2008

Single Digits

This is just a quick post to note how freaking crazy it is to look at that baby ticker and see it in the single digits.
I said to DH that I will miss her being inside me. She is my pal...we hang together...he said well she will be even more of my pal....and I said oh yes, but she will be much more noisy and perhaps won't like the same music as me!

Christmas was wonderful.

We probably have to get a new car for DH this week.

I may get one too.

He is probably going to get a new civic - and I am looking at the matrix (although I still love my car - a pontiac vibe and the only real benefit would be newness and a we will see - i mean childcare and diapers are coming too - so perhaps i should wait...oh the tantilization! and there are such good financing options out there right now...)
alas - we will see what will happens...