Saturday, September 27, 2008


Well, I said I couldn't wait to re-cover the glider, and I really meant it. Last night as I listened to the Presidential Debate (I still am not sure who I want to vote for) I worked on stripping the fabric off of the cushions and getting it done. It isn't the greatest job in the world, but I think it will suffice. I think it looks too cute. I bought three yards of fabric, but I could have used an extra yard. I had to strategically place ribbons in the folds underneath and in the back to make sure there was enough fabric to cover, and I had to take trimmings from one piece and sew it to another for the last cushion because there wasn't enough of the bulk left over.
Here is where I got the goods on how best to recover the cushions.
I still have to put the ribbons in the back to fasten the cushions to the chair. I think big ribboned bows will be so much cuter than velcro. And, I think I might add a few snaps on those creases with the ribbons because they are sort of puckering and I don't want the cushion in the back exposed.
I didn't actually sew at all, I used the stitch-witchery and ironed it all together. I don't own a sewing machine or I would have definitely done that. At least with the stitchwitch I could make sure it was tight and straight - something I am not great at when sewing by hand. I only took one home ec class my whole schooling. I mean really - I am SEW not a home ec queen, but I can get something done if I put my mind to it!
PS Please excuse the messy house! And the flash does not work on my camera, so when I get a better camera or a brighter environment I will take a better picture. :)