Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blue, here is a shell for you...A foggy lullaby

Today I helped here and there whilst the DH painted the nursery. He came through like a champ. I had borrowed a ladder from my sister, because he had to paint the ceiling. My husband is about 6'7". He just reached up and rolled it on. It always amazes me what he can do with such height...because I am 5'2".

The walls and ceiling are a robin's egg blue. I know that is not normally a color you would think of for a girl, but I was totally against painting it pink. I think assigning a color to a gender is ridiculous.
Another reason it is blue is because it is only the background. I have been a big fan of clouds (one of those girls with cloud pants, a cloud loft in college, cloud boxes, anything you can think of). So my Mom and I are going to paint clouds on the ceiling next weekend (we will DEFINITELY need the ladder LOL).

Also, my mom is really artistic, so she will be helping me to paint other odds and ends onto the walls from all of the MaryE Decorating books I checked out from the library - some flowers and quotes, maybe a tree, bumblebees, little whimsical things.

One more thing I wanted to mention that I don't think I had. This week we had a new revelation. Little Z is kicking. I think before all those movements were her hands punching, but now she is kicking high and it is visible from the outside. It was so weird! I felt my stomach lurch, and then I waited and it happened again and I watched it. It was so cool! I also got DH to be patient enough so he saw her give me a big kick. It is so funny. It must be the way I sit on the couch becuase it is always visible on the same side when I am sitting in this particular spot.

***Title is quoted from the song 'Blue' by Joni Mitchell