Thursday, September 6, 2007

Do you do UDO?????

I had my RE visit yesterday.

I lost eight pounds since my last visit. YAY! Also my blood pressure was somewhere around 130/72. I was really enthused by that because high blood pressure was something that really wigged me out enough to take this whole loosing weight and working out seriously. Before I first started I took my BP and it was 155/95. It freaked me out - I mean I am not even 30 yet and I was dangerously close to heart attack levels. After about three months of working out I have successfully got my Blood Pressure under control. woo hoo!

I supposed to start taking UDOS 369 Supplements. Anyone ever been told to take it? It is an oil that you have to mix in a shake or pour over your food. I put it on my peas and carrots yesterday and I could barely taste it - actually it sort of made it taste better. My RE swears by it - she said she got practically all her nurses in the hospital to take it and they all swear by it now too.

It is supposed to:
Increase energy, performance, and stamina.
Strengthen the immune system.
Lower most risk factors for cardiovascular disease.
Improve brain function: mood, intelligence , behavior, and vision.
Aid in weight reduction.
Regulate organs and glands.
Speed recovery and healing.
Support healthy child development.
Improve digestion.
Decrease infection.
Keep bones strong.
Protect genetic material.
Ease PMS.
Produce beautiful skin, hair, and nails.

My insulin levels are really high. She said my GTT showed that my body is spilling out insulin to try and battle sugar - but the sugar still is not being processed completely. Typical Insuin Resistance - I suppose. I am to up my Metformin Dosage to 2000 mg - which is standard issue for PCOS. This should help with insulin resistance and getting my ovaries back into the right hormonal balance.

Also, my DHEA-S is sky high. This causes high free testosterone levels. I have been prescribed a low dose of prednisone. The prednisone should be able to suppress those androgens without suppressing cortisol et al.

She is very positive about my status. We have to get all of these things under control and at the correct levels before we can think about ovulation stimulation drugs. If we can get these corrected - it may not be necessary. After three months (around November) if these things are leveled out properly and I am still not prego - then we look at the next steps (probably letrezole and gonatropids, and/or IUI).

Oh and the hubby's swimmers are mobile and plentiful. Also - my eggs are healthy and plentiful. All good news.

I am thinking this is all really good. Patience is important. I want to continue to live a more healthy life. I want to be in as good of a condition as I can when I get pregnant. It will only make the pregnancy less stressful and the baby more healthy.

Today is a big day - NFL season opener in Indy. I am going to see Kelly Clarkson and Faith Hill - oh and Peyton Manning and Bob Sanders too. :) Party time!