Saturday, September 15, 2007

Autumn Splendor

This weekend we are going to a college football game. It is so wonderful out. The crisp feeling of the air. I turned off the air conditioner.

Autumn is just beginning in Indiana and all is well.

The baby shower last weekend was great. I miss my friend - she is sooo beautiful with her belly all round and high. She is always beautiful, but there is a special beauty to seeing her as a mother-to-be.

It reminds me of the Patience card in my Osho Zen Tarot deck:

This week was crazy busy at work, as it usually is coming off of a vacation. Although this time I really felt organized about it. Over the past year I have implemented this system that allows me to manage my inbox. I can't believe how much it reduces my stress. (Outlook users - I use an addon called 'ClearContext' - it is amazing.)

Still, with work being busy and working out after dinner, I had little energy left to blog. Also, it is that time of the month when I am waiting to ovuluate. Last month I totally felt the O pains happen.

So far it is day 15 and I have no rumblings in the under-carriage just yet. Since my cycle is not very, um, cyclical, right now I do not think I am on the normal 14 days for ovulation. I expect it to come around Sunday.

I started my new drug regime (upping my Met to 2000mg, adding prednisone, and continuing my synthroid). It takes a little time for my body to get used to the higher dosage of MET - but it is alright. I am used to needing a bathroom near at all times.

I also just bought a new book that my doctor recommends - 'The Insulin Resistance Diet'. I plan on modifying my low carb diet to reflect this type of diet that is high in fiber and protein and sticks to complex carbs (when carbs are eaten).

I plan on reading it on the way up to the football game.

I am looking forward to a great weekend!