Friday, October 19, 2007

On to the next thing

Well I did start a new cycle last monday afternoon.
On Tuesday I was supposed to go in for another beta, but the dr's office did not send in the lab request, so I waited for the labs for nothing. Since I was having pretty bad cramps at the time I took the day off. I didn't see the point in getting another beta when it was pretty clear the little bugger didn't take. Still my doctor wants me to go back and get one more beta this week when I get my b/w done for the next visit. She wants to see that it is at zero.

My right ovary seems to have some sort of pain every day. Not excruciating pain, but little stabs. I don't know if this is normal. I am guessing that since my body is starting to function properly that I am experiencing the pains of normal reproductive organ processing and not some crazy problem where my ovaries start working and then they just keep on spewing out eggs. I know this is not possible, I just don't quite get these little stabs from my girl down there. I am looking forward to that beta just to calm the fears that creep in saying that either my period was not a period or something else is wrong that my dr needs to know about. I am a hypochondriac sometimes, so I know my fears are probably silly - I just need to know for sure.

I asked the nurse at my clinic if maybe I should use Progesterone in the last part of my cycle and she said she would check with the Doc and get back to me.

The doctor said that was fine (they called this Wednesday). She prescribed Progesterone suppositories. I guess they have to be specially made. I had to pay for them over the phone to the pharmacy that will make them and ship them to my pharmacy. It was strange to get a phone call from some random pharmacy, but they cost less than 5 bucks. I was so surprised about that. Something so inexpensive could help, so I am all for trying.

Does anyone have any opinions on the effectiveness of suppositories compared to injections? At this point, since we were lucky to get pregnant in the first place, I am ok with the suppositories because even if it isn't as effective because it is really just an extra something. Everything I read about the nightmares of shooting PIO into your bottom every evening kind of scares me. I am just looking to find out what I am getting myself into and what others think about the differences between the two methods - or oral progesterone if you have done that.

In other news, my insurance FINALLY processed the first few b/w charges. My insurance saga began all the way back in August. It took 5 faxes and approximately five thousand phone calls (not to mention contacting old insurance companies and actually getting them to send me faxes - yes I managed to pull off that impossible feat by persistance and annoyance).

I love contacting my insurance company. They are so helpful and competant. I am so surprised that people are so geared toward customer service these days! From cable to big insurance companies - I just can't believe how wonderful the these corporations are treating their customers. And if you believe any of the previous sentences in this paragraph, I am sorry - it was all a lie.

I am thinking we should crack open some champagne in celebration.

Random comment - This is the second weekend in a row where there is no Colts game on Sunday. It doesn't feel like a weekend when that happens during the season. We fill our time with other fun things (like the feast of the hunter's moon or hanging with the Providence Associates).