Friday, August 22, 2008


Today was our big U/S.
All was well. Everything looked good and the heartbeat is strong. The only thing they were not able to assess was HER lips (full assessment for cleft palate, etc). For some reason that has been one of my irrational fears for a few months now. It isn't in my family or my husband's. And it is something that is easily corrected too, so I am just going to lay off the worry for a bit. I dreaded going in and finding out something horrible today.

It was wonderful. As the title suggests, it is a girl. We are fairly certain on names, but I am waiting to confirm because at least now that we know the gender my husband won't get annoyed at my endless discussion of names.

My husband was so cute. He had been kind of thinking about a boy. We both, of course, just wanted a healthy baby, but I think it is only natural to think of your first child as your own gender. I told him he could take the little girl fishing and teach her math and science all he wants. He said as we walked away - "You know they alway say 'Daddy's Little Girl' and 'Momma's Boy' so I think I just might get the better end of this deal." :)

We are thrilled. Healthy baby, 20 weeks, half way there! The time has NOT flown for me. Maybe it will from now on, but every week has seemed slow. I will take a belly pick this weekend.