Saturday, February 28, 2009

To create ourselves anew

I am amazed at how much she has grown. She is cooing. Not laughing yet, but she is close and it is so cute...

Our first week back to work went well. One night I even had DH pick her up and I hung out with a few friends for a little bit. I decided I won't do that too often, because once I left I just wanted to be home, and the drive home took too long. :)

Today has been wonderful. We woke up with the Zerker, then we have just been hanging out all day. No rush, no stress, just wonders. I hope we win the powerball so we can do this every day for the rest our lives. LOL!

Oh and she is rising from the ashes too...
(As you can see she wasn't really in the mood for pictures when we got back from church on Ash Wednesday...)

My blog is moving! I mentioned that I will be moving to a new blog once the Zerker is here. I think it is time. I will be working on the layout and officially transitioning very soon...Keep an eye out if you want to follow along. :)